The Great Trix Train Robbery is a series of 2 commercials that was created in August 2003. They was made to promote various Trix products, including the cereal and yogurt. The story involves Tricks disguising himself on a train full of kids eating Trix in order to steal it all for himself.

Tricks had 5 possible disguises, and people who bought the Trix products could use a card to guess which one he could be. The answer was revealed in part 2 of the commercial series.

Synopsis Edit

Part One: Edit

A train called the Trixpress is carrying massive loads of Trix, along with many kids who are eating the cereal and the yogurt. Tricks the Rabbit, who is on top of the train, looks through a window and wonders why there is so much Trix. A flyer blows in his face; it says the train is heading to a NYC Trix convention. Tricks forms a plan to get all the cereal, claiming the only one who knows it "is you! (the viewer)."

Tricks is shown in various disguises, such as a ticket lady, a passenger, a janitor, a waitress, and an old coot train conductor. One girl thinks these people look weird. As the train passes through a tunnel and goes dark, Tricks steals all the Trix and leaves the kids with nothing as it exits. The same girl points to all 5 of the people standing near the door, claiming one of them must be the rabbit.

Part 2: Edit

The Trixpress has arrived in NYC and the kids are still wondering where all their Trix went. The girl says it must be one of the 5 people. The janitor, passenger, and waitress all open up their devices (vacuum, luggage, and food cart) and reveal nothing inside. That leaves the conductor and the ticket lady. The girl tempts them both with Trix yogurt and cereal, causing the ticket lady to go into bliss over Trix flavors in Tricks's voice.

The kids reveal that the ticket lady is Tricks, and blow the train horn, causing Tricks to fly into the air. His wig comes off, and all the missing Trix products rain out from underneath to the kids' delight. Tricks falls into the luggage bag as the kids say, "Silly Rabbit, Trix is for kids!" Tricks says that he thought he "was on the right track for Trix," His wig falls back onto him, and the story ends.