Trix Rabbit
Trix Rabbit
Vital statistics
Title "Trix Rabbit"
Gender Male
Race Rabbit
Status Alive
Location Rabbitropolis

The Trix Rabbit, also known as Tricks, is the official mascot of Trix Cereal.


Tricks is a silly cartoon rabbit that tries to get a bowl of Trix cereal from a group of kids. He often invents a machine or vehicle to do so, or may go undercover in a disguise in order to get it. However, he fails most of the time. In response, the kids usually say the famous, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

But not everyone knows that he's also a good friend and concerned citizen. Even though he sometimes falls down on the job (litterally), he always tries hard to do the right thing.

Physical Description Edit

Tricks is an anthropomorphic white rabbit with a red nose and black eyebrows. He is slightly taller than most of the kids he tries to steal from.

Sometimes he might wear a jacket, shoes, or pants as part of a disguise.